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"I'm very impressed with our SpaceLift attic lift. It's a great value with smart technology... This product makes my life a lot easier."

- Todd R., Florida

Spacelift attic lift home demonstration

New SpaceLift 5200 Series Attic Lifts: Convenient Home Storage Is Looking Up

Tired of the struggle to put items in your attic?

Save your back. With the simple press of a button, the innovative SpaceLift 5200 Series lifts your storage effortlessly to the attic.

Convenient remote control switch with a key lock for security





Spacelift 5200 series specifications:
• Mounts neatly between floor joists
• Lift weight capacity: 200 lbs.
• Carries payload up to 15 ft.
• Speed: 3 inches per second
• Power: 15 amp circuit, 110 - 120V AC

Dimensions (inches)        Model 5222               Model 5228
External Area                        22W x 59.5L x 7H       28W x 59.5L x 7H
Internal Platform                18 x 42                          24 x 42
Framed Opening                 22.5 x 60 +/- 1/8         28.5 x 60 +/- 1/8

Protected by U.S. Patent No. 8,292,031.